Tools to Build Self Confidence

Personal obstacles can often impact on our ability to do a good job in the workplace, to be the parent we want to be, to be social with our friends and be confident in the world.  To bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be can seem an impossible task.

Maybe you know what you want and you know what you need to do to get it but you hold back from taking action.  You feel fearful, maybe you don’t even know why you are fearful but you know that you are not doing what you want to do and you are not getting what you want. Feeling you lack the self-confidence to put yourself forward or to say what you really mean etc, you end up dissatisfied and then because you know that you are holding yourself back, you become despondent and feel guilty, sometimes shameful.

What if there were some simple ways that you could get over this personal obstacle and, at least, start to make the changes in your life you want to make?

Over the next six blogs, I’m going to discuss simple techniques to help you find how you hold yourself back, change your behaviour and find your self-confidence.

I hope you will try some of these simple techniques and I encourage you to drop me a line at and let me know your experience.

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