About Elaine

Elaine is an experienced and consummate practitioner who has been working on herself and others for over 25 years. Combining her compassion and intuition with her corporate experience she has the rare ability to show humility whilst being robust enough to hold clients through very tough challenges both personally and in business.

Based in Battle near Hastings in East Sussex, Elaine will support you through your journey to greater confidence and positive mental health by enabling you to make important life changes. She works with you to provide a totally bespoke service that will help you identify what stage you are currently at, clarify the changes needed and ultimately help you to create your desired outcome in a way which works for you.

Elaine is extensively trained to be able to provide her expertise. She initially studied Counselling with Bach Flower Remedies at the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, followed by a Post Graduate course in Psychotherapy at Spectrum Therapy Centre in North London, in addition gaining a professional qualification in Liberating Touch and numerous kinesiology qualifications from the International Kinesiology College.

She has a wide range of skills from business communication, design and corporate branding to therapy, style and personal branding.  Her creative thinking, warm sociability and helpful earnestness affords her a genuine desire to help people and a diverse skill set to support them.

Elaine’s Calling

Like many people, Elaine found herself living in that treadmill world where you know you need to change, but making the change seems too big a step to take – so you just keep going. The fundamental fact was that she was unhappy. Elaine says: “Everything in my body was shouting ‘This doesn’t feel good, I’m not happy’ but the implications of what I would need to do to change were too huge to contemplate.”

Elaine found that her biggest breakthrough came when she realised that she wasn’t being true to herself, authentic. She found herself in a situation where she was doing what others wanted, sometimes against her best judgement. Over time she had lost herself in a world of who and how other people wanted her to be.

In order to resolve the situation and become less mentally stressed and happier, she had to find her courage and do what she knew would break the cycle of low-self esteem and move her towards greater fulfilment and joy.

How Does It Work?

You can book an initial Discovery Session to talk about what you want to achieve.  If you decide to work together, Elaine will suggest how many sessions would be appropriate then work with you, through your own individual needs to reach your goal, using whatever combination of strategies she feels will work best for you.

If you would just like an initial chat with Elaine then complete the contact form and she will get back to you.