Emotional Support

Sometimes our problems and challenges can seem like a maze with us wandering around inside trying to find the right path and the eventual opening to a new understanding of ourselves or a gateway to a new way of being.
Person in a hedge maze

I offer emotional support for improved mental health through counselling and therapy, supported with natural Bach Flower Remedies. The remedies provide support between sessions.

The session is by phone or video link and involves us talking about where you are now and where you would like to be.

Whilst we talk I will use my extensive knowledge, and counselling skills, to determine the unique combination of remedies for you at that time.  The chosen remedy will be discussed and explained to you and then posted to you.

When we are emotionally out of balance, the Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful.  They give us clarity and a direction to a new opening and a path through problems.   They bring us back into balance and back to ourselves.  Back to who we truly are.

How to take the remedies

Once chosen for you specifically,  the remedies are mixed in a 30 ml bottle.  Taking them is easy.  You just drop four drops straight into your mouth or you can put them in any drink – hot or cold.  Although energetic and subtle, the remedies are quite robust and do not need the care and attention of say homoeopathic remedies, i.e. you do not need to worry about peppermint, strong flavours or coffee.  The 30 ml bottle will last for three weeks if you take four drops, five times a day.

When we feel fulfilled, happy and positive we tend to enjoy better mental health. We get more out of life and we can give more to our friends and family. Sometimes, we need a little help to stay in balance. The remedies provide a natural, safe and easy-to-take means of achieving this.

Background to the essences

The creator of the Bach Flower Remedies was Dr Edward Bach.  He was an amazing man who in the 1930s developed a way of harnessing the energetic healing energy of plants in tiny little bottles.  Many years later his method has been replicated to produce many different applications of his work, from Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Orchid Essences to Shamanic Animal Essences.  The basis of energetic remedies lies in the 38 remedies Dr Bach researched and developed all those years ago.

He was curious and committed.  He was open and had a desire to help those who needed him.  His work carries on around the world but most importantly in his home in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire – now the centre for the Bach Foundation.

Rescue Remedy Bottle and Box

Many people recognise ‘Rescue Remedy’ in its bright yellow bottle but may not know that there are 38 other remedies for specific needs. These safe and gentle remedies are each homeopathically prepared from an infusion of flowers, or plants and preserved in alcohol.  Their function is to balance the body’s subtle energy.

The remedies are completely safe, non-habit forming, they have no side-effects and there is no danger of overdose. They can be taken by everyone, including very young children and pregnant women.

Where to get the Bach Flower Remedies

If you prefer not seek help through a practitioner, you can buy the remedies in most good chemists and health stores and use them yourself.  The was Dr Bach’s vision for the health of the nation.  He hoped that every home would have a set of remedies that families would use to maintain and support their mental health and physical wellbeing. ‘Heal Thyself’ was his vision.

Sometimes though, it is hard to be objective about your own state of mind and there is great benefit in speaking with a professional.  I remember before I trained as a practitioner I was standing in the chemist with two remedies in my hand – ‘Wild Oat’ for choosing a direction, a path in life and ‘Scleranthus’ for certainty and decision-making, usually choosing between two things.  I stood for ages and then had a light bulb moment.  If I couldn’t choose between two remedies then I obviously needed Scleranthus!

Now, after years of using the remedies, I have extensive experience to select the most effective remedies for you.  When Dr Bach finished his work he stated that he had produced a system of remedies that could address every human emotion.  In 21 years of practising with these remedies, I have never been unable to identify a remedy for a situation.  They truly are remarkable.

More information about the specific remedies and how they are made can be found in this Bach Foundation quick reference guide.