Services & Fees

If you have an issue or a goal, personal or business, but you aren’t sure which service I offer would be best to support you then you can just call me or email me and have a general discussion. Book a Discovery Session to have a more in-depth chat. Read more …

Book a Discovery Session

Discovery Session

This 30-minute session is complimentary and there is no obligation.

Emotional Support

40-minute telephone or online/video consultations to provide mental health support and counselling in times of emotional difficulty. Read more…

£45 per 40-minute session including a remedy for support between sessions.  BOOK HERE

Be More Effective | Performance Therapy

Once you decide to work with me I will ask you to commit to a programme of sessions and agree the frequency and timeframe. This provides a structure so that you know that there is a potential end and there is also an opportunity to continue if you wish. There is an enormous benefit in knowing that you have made a commitment to yourself to work on a performance issue in your life and that you have a structure to work in – it will hold you and support you to focus and make significant changes.
Read more…

One-hour sessions with email contact and telephone support between sessions.  Tailored specifically for you and your goals.

£70 per 60-minute session.
Discount is available for pre-payment for six sessions. BOOK HERE


Fix it For Me | In-Depth Individual Session

You may have an upcoming event which you are struggling with such as giving a presentation, taking a test, making a speech, performing at an event, attending an interview, asking for a promotion, having a difficult conversation with your partner, asking for business, making a decision etc. This session will give you support, clarity and the confidence to move forward productively.

£130 per 90-minute session.  BOOK HERE