“I have a job that I love but the one downside is that I am required to make calls to potential investors.  I have approached the calls with dread and a tendency to procrastinate and was always relieved when there was no reply or an answerphone.  I was, however, aware that not making connections was costing me business and income and that calls are an essential part of my job.

I told Elaine that my ultimate goal would be to enjoy making calls but I would settle for being able to make them without dread and procrastination.  After probing into what was causing my illogical approach to phoning, Elaine took me through a series of different procedures and techniques to address both my conscious and unconscious resistance to this essential part of my job.  After each session, she set me simple homework to work on between our calls.

From the very first session, I was aware that my approach had improved.  After the fourth session, I realised that I was actually looking forward to certain calls and that I no longer have a fear of picking up the phone.

Thank you, Elaine, for helping me earn more and enjoy my job to the full.”

Fiona Monson, Representative, www.hpb.co.uk