When I agreed to have a kinesiology session with Elaine, I did not know what to expect, being totally ignorant of the subject. However, Elaine quickly put me at ease and explained the science and methodology of Kinesiology in a friendly conversational manner that I found understandable and interesting.

The Discovery Session was incredible. I have prior knowledge of energy work from a Reiki background. However, this was a whole new ball game. I was surprised at how much Elaine could tell about me just from assessing the energy flow around my muscular-skeletal system. I was simply stunned at how accurately she was able to pinpoint the blockages that were responsible for many challenges I face in life. Mostly childhood trauma suppressed in my body.

Elaine performed the treatment and gave me some actions that I had to undertake for five days after the treatment and I have to say it has been wonderful. I feel lighter like a great stone has been lifted from my shoulders. My sleeping has improved, and I feel so much better.

I would recommend to anyone to try kinesiology, with Elaine, for themselves. It surprised me how beneficial it was and it can do the same for you.

Tony Lavelle, Owner, App Developer, eazi-apps.com/tonylavelle